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Activity Steps


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Spelling is an important linguistic skill that is frequently overlooked by SLPs during a comprehensive language assessment. In this study, the authors present a spelling coding rubric that accounts for different knowledge types needed for spelling and can be used to describe error patterns for both encoding and decoding as part of the writing process. This study demonstrated feasibility of a spelling coding rubric for describing spelling error patterns in intermediate-grade students' writing samples across first drafts and final copies.


This course is offered for 0.10 ASHA CEUs
(Intermediate Level, Professional Area).

Purpose of Activity

To gain knowledge about a study investigating a spelling coding rubric system used to describe error patterns for encoding and decoding as a part of the writing process.

Learning Objectives

After completing this continuing education activity you will be able to:

  1. Summarize the encoding and decoding process as it relates to writing.
  2. Identify types of spelling error patterns.
  3. Explain the teacher and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) role in encoding instruction and error analysis.
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  • ASHA 0.1 CEU

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This course is offered for 0.10 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Levels, Professional Area).

Test Code: TLD4206
Published: Oct/Dec 2020
Expires: 10/31/2025
Required Passing Score: 4/5 (80%)
Authors: Anthony Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP; Pradyumn Srivastava, PhD, CCC-SLP; Sarah B. Harris, MS, CCC-SLP
Specialties: Communication, Language, Speech